Losing Stuff

Wyatt the Riot here, there, and everywhere! My best friend, Ike, sent me an SOS when his glasses disappeared. To find out what happened, check out “Glasses AWOL” in my Super Story Twister. Then read this page to see what everyone has to say about it.

Anna Shaw

I hate losing stuff! I lost my favorite bracelet once. I put it in a very safe place. Then I forgot where the safe place was! I finally found it two months later—when I was cleaning out my sock drawer.

Lucas Vega

We lost our dog, Cosmo, once when we were hiking by the lake. Luckily, we found him. Unluckily, it was right after he found a dead fish to roll in!

Wyatt "The Riot" Rogers

I’m guessing Cosmo’s new “perfume” didn’t go over big with you guys.

Lucas Vega

Mom was pretty mad. Isabel and I thought it was funny—until we had to share the backseat with him on the car ride home. P-U!

Isabel Vega

Yeah, he was really smelly. Not as bad as the time he chased a skunk. But worse than the time he rolled in some rotten garbage.

Wyatt "The Riot" Rogers

Okay, you can stop now. I don’t want to lose my lunch.